#TheOutcasts #AlexaBlack

Title: The Outcasts
Author: Alexa Black
Publisher:  Bold Strokes, inc
LGBTQIA, Romance

Publish Day: July 17, 2018


Review: [spoiler] The character discovers aliens on another planet. The twist in this is that it’s not aliens but demons who ..are in hell? But no one is too worried about being in hell.

Lesbian erotica without emotional attachment with the characters makes this a two for me. May be stereotypical but I want to feel for the people and who, what and why they’re doing what they’re doing…thank you muchly.

I understand that the characters aren’t two humans but there still needs to be something there. I read many Sci-fi / fantasy with characters of different species/unfamiliar with one another that.. feel more connected to one another. Maybe that is what this author was going for was the alien – unattached to one another feel of things..but meh.

Based on the reviews on Netgalley it’s a extremes of not enjoying the content and really liking the story/content.

Downloaded from Netgalley for free in exchange for a free review filled up with only my opinions.

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