#Spoonies: Compression Socks – yay or nay?

WARNING: Not medical advise. Not paid review.

Quickie: If you’re not familiar with compression socks they’re used to help blood flow in your legs. People who stand all day, flights, or exercise frequently use these. They can help prevent varicose veins. They’re an item that disabled/abled wear.


First pair of compression socks I decided to purchase were on a limb (heh). It was out of fear because I was having swelling in my legs and no one could explain why.

I feared that I was developing a blood clot or something and needed to do something. I mean, if your doctor isn’t sure what’s going on (or even cares)…ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

My first pair looked as if a hospital gave birth to them. They looked like medical gear and not in the good way. I was young and super vain. More vain than I had ever thought before.

They didn’t match anything and they were hard to get on. I ended up throwing them away — my health be damned.

The Present:

Just got paid the Friday before Thanksgiving break, and went onto Amazon. It’s ran by an Antichrist more than likely but the availability and ease as a disabled person.. I use it a lot.

Anyway, I discovered that  compression socks don’t all look as horrendous as what I had. I’ve found several companies who make cute compression socks. I purchased a three pack of plain black compression socks. They are knee high length and snug.

They look nice and fancy. I wear black socks to work to match with my shoes and my pants. So, I purchased these to blend in with my work wear.

The size I purchased are a S/M. They are snug with some stretch to them. They are more stretchy when they’re not on your leg. This isn’t the best showcasing how stretchy they are.

They are extremely easy for me to put them on by myself. I had difficulties with my original pair that I bought way back when. These do not act like my original pair at all.

What they look like outside of a shoe and not dangling around my fingers. I am 5ft 4in they reach the edge of my knee but do not go passed it.

They look like a regular pair of knee highs or leggings. Which I wear a lot of so they blend in well with what I already wear.

The big draw for me is that they look like regular socks and do the job that they’re supposed to do.

Day Use:

I decided to wear them today while I was cleaning and doing my workout. My legs usually swell IMMENSELY during these things.

For me when my legs swell, they feel gross and don’t want to move and they hurt. They hurt as if you’re being punished for some sin you’ve committed that you have no idea. But boy do you wish you could repent it.

They have helped so far I do not have any noticeably sin-punishing pain in my legs and haven’t swelled. Which is a relief to me because while wearing them I was working out to this: Keaira LaShae Dance Workout for Beginners.

I usually stick to step with a step, modified jumping jacks and some yoga here and there. Stuff that I can do without major swelling and pain. So, I am hoping this is a new normal for me to be able to do the “fun”exercises without too much pain.

They come in this packaging large print telling you what they are for.

The three pairs of socks come in their own packaging with the label “S/M” (whatever sizes you picked out). I have had them only for a week so I’ll update how they last later on.

But overall my experience with these have been very positive. I plan on wearing them during my school day to see if there is any major benefits to them.

There are several brands on Amazon selling a variety of these. They don’t look like medical gear — they can look professional or colorful depending on what you want.

I plan on getting compression socks that are ankle length since I prefer my socks to be shorter. I am hoping to purchase some that have colors to them because they’re ankle socks — can’t much see the color and they won’t be too loud down there hiding in my shoe. Surely.

They can be purchased here. They are currently $15.98 at writing this. If you know Amazon well enough the prizes fluctuate  a lot.

One thing I’ve found in many brands is the giant ass logo printed at the top that can’t be covered. I don’t like advertising for brands — if I like it I’ll tell people about you ..y’know? So, these aren’t branded so there’s that, too.

Do you use compression socks? Do you like them? What brands do you prefer/recommend?

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