#SundayQuestions: How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse? What skills do you have that would help you and others survive?

I don’t know medicine. I can barely physically run. The only thing I got for me is a couple of swords and other weapons I own. I barely know how to use any of them.

My medical disadvantage is I have arthritis which without proper medication causes pain and stiffness. So, I imagine I’d be someone’s lunch or dinner.

My personality at the moment is also less engaging with people. So, having to work with strangers and building communities with the people I don’t know…would need work. I’m already paranoid of people and not very trusting…so.

But I am good in panic inducing situations where you have to think fast and change at a moments notice. I have enough patience to sit out somewhere and wait for things to pass by or clear up.

I am super quiet as I don’t regularly talk a lot. I can sneak and walk quietly in necessary situations. I used to practice this skill as a kid not sneaking around the house stealing things or leaving the house without my parents knowledge. It was just something I liked doing.

While anxious and chronically ill I do have that going for me. Survival of the fitness doesn’t mean the strongest, healthiest.. it just means the people who can adapt to a situation and survive.

So, hopefully, things roll where I am in situations that my odd skills can benefit a situation I’m in. Currently, I don’t have the skill of hunting or differentiating plants that I can safely eat. So, hopefully  my boyfriend survives alongside me so that way…. Otherwise, I am starving to death if the zombies don’t get me first.

How useful would you be in a zombie apocalypse? What skills do you have that would help you and others survive?

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