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My Birthday by Anita BijsterboschTitle:My Birthday

Author:Anita Bijsterbosch
Publisher: Clavis
Publish day: September 1, 2018


Hurray, its Bears birthday! But everybody seems to have forgotten. And when Bear goes out to visit his friends, everybody is busy. But when he gets home again, a big surprise awaits him!

A funny birthday book with peep holes and folding pages. For toddlers ages 24 months and up, focusing on the childs daily life.


Back of the eARC says, “Sweet book with peepholes and folding pages, about animal houses and a birthday surprised.” This is a toddler-focus book that I clicked and downloaded because of the cover. Board books with movable parts for younger kids are good items to have to help kids gain interest in books. It’s cute and works for the age range it’s meant to be for. I think it’d work for younger school age as well.

Title: Sammy in the Fall
Author:Anita Bijsterbosch
Publish day:September 1, 2018

Its fall. Sammy and his little horse, Hob,have a busy day picking apples, raking leaves,collecting nuts, and playing outside.Welcome, fall! A book with half pages that hide and reveal how Sammy and Hob enjoy the season.For toddlers ages 30 months and up,with a focus on the childs world.

: Back of the eARC says this is a book with half pages that hide and reveal how Sammy & Hob enjoy the season. This is a toddler book so this isn’t the usual age range of books I read in elementary. But I downloaded it because the cover was cute.

I liked the format/story of the book and following the two adorable characters through their interaction with autumn .. works for this.

Overall:The books are geared toward toddler but could work in a kindergarten classroom or student in my opinion.

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