#SundayQuestions: What book did everyone like but you hated?

A Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I don’t dislike this story because it was predictable what was going to happen. I’ve stated before I don’t mind it if I solve the ‘twists’ before they’re revealed. As long as I’m enjoying the book and fully engaged with the story/characters .. it doesn’t bother me.
I know others have raged over the make out scene in this book. But I couldn’t get over that. It’s the wrong place to do this in. I understand they’re dying and wandering through this museum of a dead teenager. It’s simply a weird thing to put in the book.
And, no, it’s not because it’s a man author writing about teenagers kissing and having sex. I don’t understand why that was an issue with this book. But I remember kids (and probably adults) freaking out and accusing John Green of immoral behavior.
For the most part every author in the Young Adult section are adults writing about kids and their issues. There wasn’t any evidence of him being a creeper..just kids being stupid and jumping to conclusions.
I didn’t like this book because the topic felt like forced emotional response from the readers. Like the topic was selected because it was going to have an emotional response and..therefore attachment to this book. Which in turn allowed him to write shitty characters without having to worry too much on whether they were well-written or not. It felt empty for me.
Even though I disagreed wholeheartedly with the Anne Frank incident I still enjoyed the movie. It’s still a fucking weird thing to put in a book. But the movie seemed to help the characters.
I’ve probably given someone who is a die-hard reader figurative aneurysms how frequently I prefer a movie over a book.

What book did you hate but everyone else loved? Lemme know 🙂

Question came from Justyourtypicalbookblog.blogspot.com it’s a dead blog but still houses these questions. So. I don’t think they’re the originator of the questions but figured I’d tell that I didn’t just pull these questions out of the air. 

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