#BenjiAndTheGiantKite #NetGalley

Title: Benji & The Giant Kite
Author: Alan C. Fox
Illustrator: Eefje Kuijil
Publisher: Clavis
Publish Day: August 11, 2018

Let’s go fly a kite! An inspiring read-aloud picture book about ambition, perseverance, and kite-flying from bestselling author Alan C. Fox. For aspiring aviators ages 4 and up.

In a small shop, Benji sees a beautiful kite. Its huge and its bright orange. But the kite is also very expensive. Benji takes on all kind of jobs to earn the money to buy it . . . Then finally, the day comes he can fly the kite!


Follows Benji and the giant kite. He wants it and so his mother buys it. But he cannot interact with it until he completes weeding the garden. This book would be a good way of showing emotion — he cries at the start of the story about something and delay gratification — he has to weed the garden before he can get the big prize (the kite).

Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to the publisher for an honest review

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