#SundayQuestions: What is the strangest item you’ve found in a book?


As in something you can pick up from inside of a book? Or? I’m taking this in a general sense that you’ve found inside a library book.

The strangest thing I’ve found inside of a book was blood stains. While yes it could easily have been something else. It looked the way blood does after drying on paper — and yes I’ve had experience with blood on paper.

I don’t remember what the book was I just remember the experience of it. I returned it the next day. I was a kid who panicked because the book has blood and my fingerprints. The whole MY FINGERPRINTS are now on a book with mystery blood — the concern was real. Plus, a dash of this is disgusting I do not want to read a book with blood on it.

But mostly the whole fingerprints on a blood book. At the time I didn’t process that yeah there’s a lot of prints on this book including mine. Prints that more than likely will be worn off from being checked out. And, no, I didn’t inform the librarians that there was blood stains out of worry that they’d blame me for the stains.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in a book? 

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