Allie & Gator by Geneva Bowers

Title: Allie & Gator
Author/Illustrator: Geneva Bowers
Published: ?
Publish Day: August ??? Her website says: “Physical copies of Allie & Gator will be available online late July/early August 2018.”
Rating: 🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄


Allie and Gator are best friends! Allie is inventive and bright. Gator is lively and rambunctious. They love to explore and play and collect berries around the riverside. One day, Allie plants a berry bush and Gator was curious…
Allie and Gator is a story about the beauty of exploration and patience. Written and illustrated by Geneva B, an illustrator with an eye for fantasy elements and diverse characters.

My Review: This is a children’s book created through Kickstarter by Geneva Bowers. I backed with the lowest possible and still receive a copy of the book. I received it in a PDF through dropbox. 

I’ve been following her awhile and was excited to see something I could support and afford to do so. Awhile back but I think the book will be on her website eventually.

The story is cute and to the point. The font is easy to read!  The artwork is engaging and easy for children who aren’t reading yet to follow the story. Great for any library!

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