#SundayQuestions: Which book should never have been turned into a film?


Is this question asking me which book should never have been made into a movie? Was this question originally after Name A Movie That is Better than the Book, but was moved. So here it is being asked further down and seems out of place.

Note: The post’s question & what is in the image is purposefully changed. I just didn’t feel like changing the image for this blog. If I am incorrect in what this is asking then OH WELL. Here we are. Also if this question isn’t asking me what I think it is….oop. 

So, a book that I believe should have never been turned into a movie. For me books that became movies and shouldn’t have happened: Eragon & The Da Vinci Code. Love Tom Hanks but hated the movie.

Reason for Eragon: I only kind of liked the book and the movie was worse. It was irksome.

The Da Vinci Code: Again, love Tom Hanks, hate this movie & the book. For some reason my teacher for our Bible History class in high school (I went to a public school.) …thought this was relevant to the class. Just torture.

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What book do you think should have never been turned into a movie?

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