#Spoonies: 5 Ways I Relieve Migraines

Five ways to possibly relieve migraines. I’m fairly certain these are pretty common ways to try to relieve yourself of the migraine pain. When I have migraines they last for days. Most of mine start at the base of head / neck and stretch outwards toward face. It’s fun, don’t recommend. I cannot afford to go get shots or another medication to add to the list of meds I already take. 
1. Drink Caffeine
Excedrin Migraine is Acetaminophen, Aspirin and Caffeine. I cannot take Acetaminophen or Aspirin. Before I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis my other doctor just drowned me in NSAID’s so I’m laying off those for awhile. And aspirin with my other medications can cause kidney problems which I don’t want. 
So, I drink tea, coffee or soda to help with the migraine. 
2. Darken surroundings. 
If the migraine comes with sensitivity to light blackout what you can — close curtains, turn off lights, dim cellphone/computer brightness. I turn down my cellphone and computer to as dark as possible and with the windows blackout and lights off it gives a softer presence and can use it. There is still the migraine and the pain but it’s less, especially, if you’re still needing to get work done.
3. Pressure. 

I place pressure on my head to help relieve the pain. I press a pillow or lay a blanket on top of my head and it helps dull the pain. I can’t walk around with a blanket or pillow smooshed to my head. But when they’re this bad I’m not mobile anyway. 
4.  Heat Pad/ Ice pack/ hot shower
I lost my heating pad years ago but I have a heating blanket. I wrap that around my shoulders and neck curled up on the sofa or bed. Ice packs on my neck or forehead .. or both.
 Ice for some migraine sufferers may make it worse….so I’d go slow with that before doing it.
I will also set the heat of my shower to the hottest temperature I can tolerate and let it pour over my neck and head.
5.  Medication

My migraines don’t die or quit with over the counter medication. I don’t take medication specifically for migraines. But I take muscle relaxers which does help with dulling the migraine. When I do this I also do slow neck stretches/whatever they are that they showed me when I was in physical therapy.
What are ways that you kill or make your migraines tolerable?
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