#SundayQuestions: Name a book you acquired in some interesting way.

My aunt would give us stolen Goosebump books from her job when I was in kindergarten/first grade. You know the warning in a book if you’ve received a book with no cover that it was given illegally? Yeah, I didn’t understand that warning until my aunt started getting books for us that way.

I just found out why this was a thing from googling it just now for this blog post. I didn’t understand why that was a tell-tale sign that a book was illegal. But is it illegal if you keep the books without selling them? I didn’t find the answer.

A stripped book is a mass market paperback that has been stripped of its cover in order to be pulped and recycled as a result of lack of sales. The covers are returned to the publisher as evidence that the books have been destroyed and the books are discarded or recycled into paper or cardboard products. However, some stripped books end up back on the marketplace, and are sold at places like flea markets.

Have you received a book or books in some interesting way?

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  1. I learned about stripped books when I interned in publishing, but I’ve read a bunch of them, too. My grandma found a box of ARCs at a garage sale when I was a teen. That’s how I learned about ARCs. I asked Google why the books had weird covers.

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