#Offtopic: Doggo Injured


My mom’s dog Gwenie. She was taken in when my sister discovered that she was going to be put down. A completely healthy dog getting euthanized?! My mom took her in mistakenly thinking that she was going to be a tiny dog.

She was not. But she stayed and became part of the family.

She is a German / Collie mixed doggy who was raised to be a Ratter. If you’re not aware, they’re dogs that are raised for catching rats and other vermin. Usually it’s other variety of dogs but the people who had her before…didn’t care about that stuff…just needed a dog who attacked rats. I’m thinking possibly a farm dog before she became a city girl? But we don’t know 100% on that.

She is older. I don’t know how old she is but she is at the age in her life where…she acts like a typical grumpy old person. She befriended my sisters smaller dog to our surprise…as she doesn’t like any animal THAT SMALL because of her training.


She escaped while my sisters were working on the house. My parents have recently moved. So, she was with my sisters at the time. By the time they were able to get her — she had injuries. I am not going to post them in this blog post. They are in the GoFundMe page. I don’t want to look at them more than I need to.

She loves escaping whether the yard or the house. No matter how much we dog proof everything. She wants out, she’s getting out. She loves exploring the neighborhood and collecting herself a doggie gang. I know, many wouldn’t see this in an affectionate light… but it’s one of her hobbies..figuring out how to leave us to join up with other dogs around the neighborhood. She’s old, cranky and has a mind of her own.. we do the best that we can.

This time though she was injured. We originally thought the neighborhood cat, called Isis (Egyptian goddess y’all old ladies cat) attacked her. No biggie, a free range cat who harasses the other animals in the neighborhood.

But as my sisters started investigating… they think she was possibly clipped by a car. She wasn’t gone that long before they got her — 10 minutes. My parents lived in City but their neighborhood isn’t that active (all I can think of extra traffic possibly due to school being out??).

Her GoFundMe is here. There is photos of her injuries just again to let you know if you click onto it.

The Pictures in this blog post are her sitting in the car going to the vet. She’s standing looking through the window but is shaking. The 2nd picture is her at the vets with my sisters.

Please, if you cannot afford to donate to share the link. I don’t know how much the vet visit is going to cost or if they’ll let us make payments. I don’t know. I’m just trying to get money going so they can get her healed and don’t try to euthanize.

We have her in the first place to avoid her getting put down.

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