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Title: Audrey the Amazing Inventor
Author: Rachel Valentine
Publisher:  Quarto Publishing Group – words & picture
Publish Day: June 21, 2018!
Rating: 5/5

SummaryMeet Audrey. She wants to be an inventor, but her inventions are not entirely successful: the egg collectors and jam dispenser are a bit messy, and her faithful pet, Happy Cat, is still recovering from the mishap with the cat washer! It’s enough for Audrey to lose heart and give up altogether, but with some encouraging words she gives inventing one last try. This fun and quirky picture book featuring a feisty and inspiring female protagonist with an inventive mind and curious spirit, is an inspirational story about following your dreams, caring for those you love and persevering to achieve your goals. Hilarious, heartfelt and utterly bonkers, Audrey the Inventor is a new heroine with plenty to say and do!


Cute, energetic and focused on a girls creativity. Zany attired, wild red hair tied up in pigtails with measuring tape.. she is inquisitive, creative and build things that interest her.

Most of her inventions aren’t as successful as she’d like them to be..but keeps working. Very much a Little People Big Dreams kind of book.

Similar to The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires , Georgia O’Keeffe, Harriet Tubman  < Little People Big Dream Books

Downloaded from Netgalley to read in exchange for an honest review.


Doesn’t do the, “Girls can do what boys do” thing. It’s just a girl inventing and creating things she thinks up. I’m a teeny bit older so I remember it in books and it was always annoying for me to read.
One of the things that gets on my nerves about girl independence and creating is attaching boys to it somehow. “You can do anything boys do” statements when they’re not necessary & feel intrusive as if we need to include boys in conversation with what a girl can and can’t do. Allow them to just do and be who they are without comparison.

They’re not intrusive if someone isn’t sure they should/could do something because that does help. As a kid I never questioned if I could do things since I was a girl. I did when someone said statements like that though. I was a very clueless child about gender roles with things just being for girls or boys. I think because I had all sisters who knows it may have been very apparent the segregation of what girls and boys should/can do if I had brothers.

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