#eBooks and why I love them

I am aware I don’t own the books when they’re eBooks. Info: Here. Here. Here. Here. I still purchase them.

The feeling is probably because I don’t purchase many books to begin with. I’ve only maybe ten books I’ve put down real money for digital reads? It’s maybe knowing Amazon isn’t going to die tomorrow may help, too.

But under my Where to Buy tab I list Indie book store finder first above all. You own a physical copy once you’ve purchased it. The bookstore owners aren’t going to track you down and ask for it back at will.

1. Can carry a book in my pocket.

I can fit my phone pocket in my back pocket or on rare occasion my front pocket. I’ve lucked out in wearing women pants that have functional back pockets but decorative/fake front pockets. 

This allows me not to have to carry a purse (to the anger of purse makers everywhere) to bring books along. This frees up my hands or lessen the pain on my shoulders (they irritate my neck/shoulder) when walking around or at work. 

2. Ease of Access!

When I’m not able to go to the bookstore or the library I can just get it through my computer, tablet or my phone. I can checkout a book while laying in bed not having to go anywhere. Every bookstore that I’ve entered has miserable flooring. I can walk any other store and my feet are fine but at the bookstore? They usually aren’t cushioned or whatever compared to other business floors, especially, the Barnes & Noble in my city. My god, I can’t even sit down on their floor to gain access to the bottom shelf.

But my bed, blankets and pillows are always comfy softness so…they win.

3. Less Space.

I have 1 bookshelf that is dedicated to my children books for when I get a classroom. I cannot fit anymore books on it than what’s already there. So, books I’ve purchased are eBooks they fit and easy to move around my room.
I still use physical books from my library. But more than not they all come through as eBooks. I’m currently reading three books that are the real thing as they say.. but they’re from the library and won’t live here that long.

4. Settings

I don’t have to pay extra for a larger print size or carry a massive book because the font is larger. I wouldn’t be able to hold the book very long. This would lessen my time with the book. Which would suck. 
I don’t have to wait for the large print to get around to being published. Some books are never made into large print so they aren’t accessible. 
I can change the font and the size in a book so it’s easier for me to read. I don’t have to pay extra for the visual boost that is given to me in an eBook.
I don’t have to read on a white background. There are physical books that have SUPER WHITE paper which makes it hard for me to read on. Words will start dancing on bright white paper for me which is extremely annoying to deal with.
I can fix this by sitting in the shade to darken the page or wear sunglasses. But why would I want to wear sunglasses inside? 
Every digital book I’m reading is green or the beige background not white. 
I absolutely love reading physical books and enjoying the time with them. But since the use and ease of reading digitally I’ve been able to read and enjoy my time A LOT. I know there are disadvantages of both kinds and that they’re not all perfect.
I’m not saying to stop reading physical books. I advocate purchasing them from indie stores and renting through your public library. I read and use them. But these are the reasons I love them.

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