#ChillyDaVinci #NetGalley Review

Book: Chilly Da Vinci
Author: Jarrett Rutland
Publisher: North South Books, inc
Release Day:  December 4, 2018
Rating: 3/5

Summary: Chilly da Vinci is not like other penguins. He invents!

My review:

The story begins when one of his inventions breaks the ice which takes them away from their colony. So, he has to figure out another creation to survive his original error. One of the other penguins named Vinnie thinks lowly of him and his inventions.

The artwork looks fun and is the best part of the story.

One noticeable annoyance of this is they call the Orca, Orca then later it’s Plumpy Fin. “Did I mention it wouldn’t move anyway if it had to drag Mr. Plumpy Fin?” is when it’s first used. This sentence for me doesn’t make sense even without the nickname Chilly gave the Killer Whale.

Younger kids may not understand Leonardo da Vinci/Chilly da Vinci connection. But it can be a book for a lesson around him — maybe kids can see the connection then.

For some reason he has a bully named Vinnie. But while Chilly knows he makes fun of him and isn’t supportive of him. Chilly continues to imagine the other penguins thinking of him as cool or a sort of celebrity figure for his creations.

One point he’s flung by the Orca and he comments, “I did not become whale poop. I need a break.” Which personally thought was funny.

Recommend?: Yes. It would be a good supplement in lessons about perseverance, making plans or learning about Leonardo da Vinci.

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