Big Mushy Happy Lump Sarah Andersen

Title:  Big Mushy Happy Lump Author: Sarah Andersen Published: March 7, 2017

This is book #2
Rating: 4/5


Sarah Andersen’s second comics collection picks up right where the first left off – huddled under a pile of blankets avoiding the responsibilities of the real world. These new comics (and illustrated personal essays!) follow the ups and downs of the unrelenting self-esteem roller coaster that is young adult life: budgeting woes, cramps, the nuances of sweater theft, and the joy of staying home all day with a box of pizza. All aboard.


Relatable comics, funny  and easy to enjoy. Ends with conversation alongside her comics about personality traits – overthinking, worry, dread , especially, of social gatherings. Toward the end have a conversation about overthinking, cats, and stealing sweaters which I found adorable.
Some of my faves:


 Yes. Completely. Always.

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