#Music: What do y’all listen to?

What is your go to music? Why? 

Just looked at my music list on Spotify — I’ve 77 hours & 43 mins of music in it. 1,258 songs in it. Didn’t realize how much I add to it. I usually leave it on Shuffle. But I’ve noticed it tries to bounce around to the same songs I always listen to. Which isn’t bad just..

Most of the stuff I listen to on Spotify is fast pace, energetic in hopes to keep me awake. The original sentence in this blog was part of a paragraph I deleted…then didn’t fix to make sense without the other paragraph. Oop.

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  1. During the day I rotate between Black Crows Radio and Blind Melon Radio on Pandora. We usually play Billy Joel radio for my dog while we’re out of the house. I play grateful dead at bedtime for unwinding. There’s a ton of other music that gets played, butv that’s the lion’s share. I’ve been playing Flight of the Conchords songs for fun, lately, and just discovered Vulfpeck which I’m enjoying.

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