#RoughJustice #NetGalley by Kelley Armstrong

Rough Justice by Kelley Armstrong.

More of her Cainsville series!! AH! WHAT?! Sorry, probably late to the information. But this shows it is coming out June 30th?!


This is the author of  Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising YA series that I absolutely loved.

She also wrote Cainsville series there’s five books that I consumed ASAP through my local library. THEN THIS? THERE’S MORE?

I received The Orange cat & other Cainsville Tales thru email.

All the books are good. This series wasn’t to many fans who didn’t like how the last book ended. But for me? I was FREAKING FINALLY!!! AN ENDING I COULD SUPPORT.

IF you like urban paranormal and self-absorbed fae.. this series is definitely worthwhile. This isn’t a review. Just support of cainsville & excitement that there is MORE CAINSVILLE CONTENT.

I will edit this when I become more sober. I apologize. I literally can only see 25% of this. But I love this series and hopefully this blog post successfully conveys my love.  

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