#Netgalley 13 Current Reads

I have sent 49 reviews for books since January. Every few weeks I get my list down to maybe five then go berserk.

Lately obsessively reading and talking about books have helped me ignore pain levels. I’ve always read to do this but with the availability of reading and talking more online about it… definitely has helped.

Since my HIDA scan almost a month ago my pain level has tripled. I had to request my Tramadol prescription be filled. Which sucks because it’s another medication I have to pay for.

Currently, I am without my birth control because of money. We’re stacking money as best we can toward my gallbladder surgery.

I called and requested tomorrow for the initial appointment with the surgeon. That’s why my youcaring increased to a thousand. After May I no longer will be working due to the fact that I am a substitute teacher so when school ends.. my work ends.

Now after a quick medical update the books I am currently reading through Netgalley. Mind, I’m not reading these all at once. Though I am reading these alongside books I’ve purchased and some from the library.

  1. Sense and Sensibility – Manga Classics – I love comics and classics so this series is absolutely the best IMO. I believe it’s easy to get auto-approved with them if you’re interested in reading mangas + classics.
  2. Blood Will Out – Jo Treggiari. This comes out June 5th. It’s a YA book about a serial killer– or the victim of a serial killer. First person point of view. I accidentally read a review of it – didn’t have a spoiler warning but my fault.
  3. The Right Thing to Do at the Time by Dov Zeller. It’s free to read through Kindle Unlimited.  a romantic comedy that’s “Jewish, queer, New York City retelling of Pride and Prejudice”
  4. Great Expectations – Manga Classics – Yes, I love this series.. no apologies, lol.
  5. All the Answers by Michael Kupperman – comes out May 15th. It’s a comic story about his father. Still avail on Netgalley.
  6. Betting the Scot  by Jennifer Trethewey. I received a copy from Netgalley after it became purchasable. I read the review from Tracy @ Flippinpages and hopefully enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the review.
  7. The Quantum Magician by Derek Kunsken – comes out October 4th. Sci-fi!!
  8. The Hockey Saint by Howard Shapiro — Thru Animal Media which I’m auto approved so I’m just trying all their books. Or, at least the ones I’ve found interesting.
  9. The Stereotypical Freaks by Howard Shapiro  same as above. Auto-approved.
  10. Olympian Challenger by Astrid Arditi — if this is NOT a pseudonym I’d be surprised. It’s a YA fantasy book based on Greek mythology. Comes out July 3rd!
  11. Chilly Da Vinci by Jarrett Rutland out December 4th. Children’s fiction about an inventing Penguin. Can you guess the name inspiration for this character? Couldn’t pass up.
  12. The Electrifying Story of Multiple Sclerosis by Vanita Oelschlager. Vanita’s books are majority children books that you can click/download no autoapprove/waiting period. I so far am enjoying everything put out by her.
  13. The Redeemed by Matthew S. Cox  — is out already since last December. I just wanted to download another one of his books.

    Another one of my lists. If you enjoy reading lists I have an entire tag dedicated to them here

Questions if you’ve made it through or just want to answer: 

What are you reading? How’s it going? What are you enjoying about it so far? If you read MORE than one at a time… totally okay to talk to me about all of them, promise. 

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