#Writingprompt: Buried Alive

questions to answer and write about this situation. What does your
character do? Why does your character do this? How will this be
resolved? Every prompt is a different situation.


character wakes up buried alive with only their cellphone. This
allows them to look around their surroundings but no cellphone
can’t answer why they’re here in the first place. Minutes later the
events from the night before start rushing through their thoughts.
“Well, shit.”
are they in this situation?
was the reason they’re in this position?
do they get out of this situation?
four or more sentences explaining this situation.

I’ve created the prompt. If you take prompt please give credit (use website addy!). The use of this theme in a story is a-okay. If you like these prompts & would like to help out. Can donate here. Money goes toward my surgical costs. 

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