#April – Overview & Excuse to Ramble

We are four days into May and I’m starting my April wrap up. I’m not overly concerned but I wanted to let you know.. I know we’re in May. I haven’t lost count of my days …yet.

I hope your April was good, memorable and enjoyable at least.

My April felt like it was never going to fucking end.

I figured January would be the most I’ve ever posted in awhile. But it escalated in April. I apologize .. kind of.. I mean you’re here knowing full well this could happen.

I created 45 posts in January, 16 in February, 45 in March. anddddddddddddddddddddddd…

57 posts in April. 

Now if you’re reading this from wordpress the count is definitely different because I funnel posts from two blogs onto my wordpress account. Don’t ask .. I tend to do things more difficult than necessary.

Books I’ve Finished in April:

Books I Abandoned in April:

Books I’ve been Reading since April:

or longer since April can’t remember. 

Book Reviews in April:

Not including the books from above

Sunday Questions:

Next month’s will be shorter. I was scheduling questions every day and I decided to move them to a weekly Sunday post instead. Can ask questions / talk without flooding y’know?

Weeding Wednesday:

This is a new weekly post thing.

Writing Prompts:

This is a new weekly post thing.

April’s Lists & National Day Book Ideas

All things Spoonie related here.

My March Wrap Up 

via Blogger https://ift.tt/2FLcHHH


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