#Spoonie Update: #WTF is this week?

This is about April 22nd-28th but everything that’s gone on still will melt into this week.

My week I’ve started dealing with stronger symptoms due to my gallbladder not working. If you can please donate to help me make an appointment as fast as possible. Here. Or use the cash app both work. I am a substitute teacher so I’ll no longer have work at the end of June.

We’re trying to save up for it but I also have to pay for medicine and my other medical visits. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s normal stressing and needing assistance with medical. That’s been my life since I was around twenty-three. At least now my problems have a name and a solution for the most part.
Monday, learned my boyfriend’s grandpa is in an induced coma. He went into the ER 16 days ago because of intestine’s twisted…but it doesn’t look like he’s going to get out of there alive. It’s hard to fully grasp because before he went in…we were talking with him in the living room??

My Dad broke his foot due to him not securing the scaffolding he was on. My dad is the safety monitor on a job site…he knows 100% more than anyone else what he needs to do before operating things.

So, he’s semi-off work sending things back and forth to his job. He works construction so a working foot is needed to continue to work. 

Wednesday I was panicking so intensely that I caused a flare up. I woke Thursday unable to go up to go to my sister’s house so she could drop me off at the job fair at 3 PM. My boyfriend said he can do it so long as he doesn’t get off work late.

I get to the fair and well, most of the elementary principals were already gone. So, I was able to speak with a few of the principals left and left my name, stating interest at two schools that weren’t there.

It went well with the principals I was able to speak with.

My boyfriend had received a phone call from his friend from work at 12:30 AM. So, when we woke up at 5 AM, he sent his friend a text asking him why he was up so late.

He received a text back that his friend had passed away. So, boyfriend called asking what did they mean by that. He thought it was his friend pulling a joke or a typo. But no, his sister answered his phone explaining that he had died on the way to the hospital at 11 PM, Thursday. She tried to call an hour after to let him know but couldn’t get a hold of him.

We received this information on the way to work. To listen to his sister talk, the tone in her voice. .. was hollow in autopilot and it hurt to hear. I could not imagine.

So, my boyfriend had to break the news to his job that he had died. His boss didn’t believe him. Which is understandable and having to listen to him process the information.

His friend was leaving the job — he planned on catching a new job and wait for the police academy to open. He’s been prepping for years going to night school to become a police officer.

It was a long hard day for me. I’ve experienced death in my family a lot. But these deaths usually are known to be happening soon due to illness.

The last sudden death was my Sunday school teacher, her husband murdered her around 2010? I think. I’m not sure. I just remember the loud sob coming from the back room from my mom.

3 AM Saturday I began vomiting and didn’t stop until 8:30 ish.  Today, my ribs and stomach are hurting. I’m struggling with the basics like breathing or moving properly. I work tomorrow and I have a job interview on Tuesday… I can’t afford for health problems to get in the way dammit!

Friday is his funeral and… everything still wow.

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