Wrapped Up Vol. 1 by Dave Scheidt

Score: 4/5

First sentence: Hey!

There is a free comic listed on Amazon  just to give it a taste test.

It’s a collection of comics about this zombie kid named Milo and the weird things that happen to him.


and easy to read fonts. It consists of spontaneity that upper
elementary/middle school kids will like. A neighbor who does not have
boundaries and breaks your house and makes life miserable but also goes with you to fix things. Small amount of bathroom humor.

in the side characters in some of the comics. It’s fun, interesting and
definitely would be liked by kids who like random, odd, and some small
gross moments in this.


neighbor who bothers the family. Destroys their house with a Gorilla
busts through window for pizza. Kid steals Dad’s card and goes to town
eating pizza without permission. Bathroom humor.



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