#Questions: How Do You Blog Every Day?

I don’t blog every day. I blog every day through not blogging every day. I use the schedule option. Scheduled posts roll out every day. Currently, it’s April 18th and this will appear on my blog tomorrow at 1 PM — central time.

This is done by taking a few hours of a day and writing posts for the future. Currently, I have 32 posts scheduled. There will be at least one post every day until May 9th.

For some bloggers it’s frowned on to do this. But it’s unrealistic for me due to work, family and my health problems to write one every day. Some weeks I can write a post every day usually I just add it to my scheduled list. Also, I think it’s unrealistic for others to blog every day.

Many of my Netgalley books they have rules in regard to when you can post the review. I know many reviewers don’t follow this and post the reviews on their blogs. I’m not 100% sure if it’s frowned on to post the review on Netgalley early because I do that. But the reviews on here are scheduled within the time frame they requested them to be.

I’m on here almost every day though even if I’m not posting. I read my reading list of other blogs. I tend to post their blog posts on my Twitter or Pinterest. Occasionally on G+ but not enough to warrant posting a link to G+.

This isn’t an insult to bloggers who are capable of taking time out of every day to post. But just figured I’d answer this question with my truth. Good luck with writing. If you have any questions lemme know ­čÖé

How do you blog? Do your posts get posted the moment you’ve finished it or do you schedule your posts?

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