#Spoonie Doctor Visit Wed & Fri Woo!

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My primary care doctor I can schedule appointments and do a payment arrangement. Unlike the surgery I’m trying to schedule for. I still need help paying for my first appointment with the surgeon.

Since my state was in the middle of a Teacher Walkout it allowed me a lot of time. So, was able to schedule a doctor appointment for my bladder infection. I get one every few months not sure if it’s because I’m a teacher and rarely have bathroom breaks or what.

 I meant to talk about my medication with him during this appointment. But we started talking about the teacher walkout and got distracted.

 For over a week I was having painful bladder pain and wasn’t sleeping well. I would use an ice pack that would kind of work with the problem. The pain was intense enough that it cut through my sleep medication. I wasn’t sleeping without sleep meant pain level increase.

Asked about allergy shots and if they did them. Scheduled for Friday.

Excited for Friday to roll around it is the day we get to see the ultrasound of our soon to be nephew/niece..or nibling if you will. Arrive at the clinic exhausted and sore to find out they didn’t know she was scheduled for an appointment today!

Another thing, an ultrasound to see the baby wasn’t going to happen, either! Why? She was supposed to have scheduled with another place specific for ultrasounds. But the place that her doctor sent her information to never got back to her. So, she thought it was going to happen with this visit — they were supposed to have the ultrasound available by Friday at her clinic..but anyway.

She calls the other place to set up an appointment. The woman she called says she doesn’t know anything about ultrasounds & would need to research this. She’s mad and so is her doctor because they sent all that to that facility a week ago.

But she got to hear the babies heart beat! And, the facility called back with an apology & that they’d be able to get her in May 16th! A month away! So, her appointment didn’t go as planned

Midday mom and I went to Wal-Mart so she could get her medication. She was filling almost all of hers so it was going to be an hour until she could get them. Instead, we went shopped then went home. Hopefully, she went and picked them up over the weekend.

My appointment: I remembered to mention my medication! So proud! No distractions!

Takes twenty minutes to see the doctor. Get all my meds. My pharmacy claims that they have nothing indicating that I have script for Vitamin D — urghghghg so glad I found that out before I went to the doctors. Got that filled and got Plaquenil filled.

Weirdly the plaquenil that I have looks nicer than this pill in the image. Even the generic version that I just got looks nicer than this.

Prescription Vitamin D

But! I did forget to ask about higher the dose of my sleep medication. But all in all I got what I needed medication wise.

Now, Friday came along and it was a nice day. I wanted to wear my pretty red dress that I’ve only got to wear once.

I am here for an allergy shot. I am excited because allergies are of the devil. To prevent the evil taking over I get an allergy shot once every year … or when I feel it wearing out.

SO!!! After talking about medication and updating my scripts. Several minutes later the nicest medical asst person comes in. She’s all, “It’s in the hip!” and I’m dying.

Went from excitement to wanting to magically disappear out of the room.

That morning while getting ready I had put my underwear on inside out. When I told my boyfriend this later he was, “Yeah, I saw that but I thought you knew.” ????

Me: I forgot allergy shot in hip wore a dress and my underwear are inside out. So my favorite med asst lady saw me in unfortunate situation…. So need to find a new doctor.

Boyfriend: ….


Went to the doctor. Fixed bladder, medication prescribed due to pharmacy losing script.

Embarrassed due to clothing choices for my Friday doctor visit.

Didn’t get to see my nibling in a sonogram because medical person at clinic couldn’t get her shit together.

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