The Scarlet Letter Manga Classics by Nathaniel Hawthorne, SunNeko Lee, Crystal S Chan, Stacy King

The Scarlet Letter Manga Classics by Nathaniel Hawthorne, SunNeko Lee, Crystal S Chan, Stacy King

Downloaded through Netgalley for honest review

 This book was published in 1850 so …spoilers? This has been out for a few years ready for purchase. 

Score: 4/5

First Sentence: Ah… Good morning

Yeah not the best first sentence but you know.

I found this more enjoyable than the actual book. I still did not like the minister but pretty illustrations wouldn’t have changed that fact.

The way her husband is drawn throughout this manga is super fun:


They take a stuffy story and made in interesting to get through. In this way it allows students to become more acquainted with older “classics” that they may not have had any interest in before.

These may convince the rigid teacher who doesn’t believe comics are reading material…to have them in their classroom. It’s still reading and you’re giving access to something that the kids may not have had access to. Either because of reading level or scared because the book is “old”.

It doesn’t take the messages away about guilt, sin, etc so the students wouldn’t be missing that aspect of it.


Yes, I definitely recommend this along with the other classic manga’s.But I’ve only read two of them and it was novels I already read. Next ones Edgar Allen Poe and Les Misérables. I am hoping the Edgar Allan Poe the illustrations help me get through it. As much as I enjoy reading older books I don’t much like his stuff.

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