The Lurid Sea by Tom Cardamone

Title: The Lurid Sea
Author: Tom Cardamone
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books, Inc.
Release day: March 25,2018
Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary:A steamy bacchanal bending through time and space, replete with the occasional God, mythic creatures, and oh-so-many men. For centuries the godling Nerites luxuriated in a shifting sexual paradise.

My Review:

I requested this because I figured it’d be a fun different read.  This is straight up erotica from the first page on. It is listed as erotica so I mean..

It is descriptive heavy in my opinion.  I’ve never  thought it was possible. Which take from what you are reading.

This is not a child friendly. If you enjoy erotic themr stories this will work for you.

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