Medical Updates

Not book related but related to the “spoons” part of this blog. With the HIDA scan results my gallbladder no longer is functional.

In this blog post this will be my one time request for help with the first surgeon visit. My job is currently on hold due to the teacher walkout. Substitute teachers don’t have the week of pay that other supportive staff were guaranteed. We simply do not work.

I need $434 for the first appointment. So anything will help. They do not do payment arrangements for the first appointment with them.  I’m praying the make arrangements for the actual surgery.

I am restricted in what I eat due to this — and still get sick. I am taking medication but it’s doing the best it can.

I vomit 4 or more hours when my gallbladder acts up. It triggers flare ups in my joints and makes it hard to walk. I’m praying that asking for help will make getting my gallbladder out as fast as possible.

Flare ups mean I cannot walk or stand. Which results in not being able to work or do much independently.

I know people hate when others beg for money but I’m desperate. If I can get closer to getting it removed my situation would greatly improve. I’d appreciate if just passing the information on if you can’t help.

Cash Account here

and my Fiverr for Beta reading if you’d rather send work information than the cash app link.  Or, honestly, both would be awesome.


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