To Kill a Warlock (Dulcie O’Neil #1) – H.P. Mallory

To Kill a Warlock (Dulcie O’Neil #1) – H.P. Mallory

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This series has had a cover change as well.

Score: 2/5

Summary: Dulcie is a fairy who works for the police.. She has a murder to solve. She finds someone attractive.


A fairy cop was what brought me into this story. Anything with supernatural can drag me into a story and try to read it. She seemed fun and interesting when I downloaded this book.


She legitimately has no reason for most of her anger outbursts. I think the author was going for firecracker and big tough gal but the end result was someone who seems emotionally unbalanced, bratty and irrational.

She would become angry or crabby in moments where there wasn’t any reason to be this way. She struggled with her personality more than anything else in this story.

The characters who stayed consistent was Trey & Sam. But the reason for that? They were hardly in the story so there was no way of ruining them.

It was an interesting idea, things that could have been but sadly…didn’t happen.

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