The Problem with Pugs by A. G. Henley

Title: The Problem with Pugs
Author: A. G. Henley
Publisher: Amazon
Page Count: 178
Release Day: March 22, 2018
Originally downloaded: On Hidden Gems
Genre: Romance
Rate: 4 out of 5

Summary: Focus is on Amelia who is slowly recovering from a relationship with an asshole called Tim. Doug is having trouble getting over Tim, too. Except he’s displaying aggression and it becomes a problem…that leads her to Dr. Travis. Who may be the answer to her problem with getting over Tim.

But it won’t be so easy. Doug’s the only man in Amelia’s life now . . . and he isn’t about to share.


Without Spoilers:

A cute fluffy read about a woman getting over a relationship with a god awful person. Through her sisters shove back into the dating world she stumbles upon a lawyer and a veterinarian. Both attractive men who are doing well for themselves and have an interest in her.

Drama — emotional and physical ensue as she tries to figure out what path is right for her. It’s adorable, well-written and does contain two sex jokes. There’s no sex in this book, however, a few descriptive make out scenes.

We meet quirky people through the Veterinarian — a rich young cat lady and Brenda who runs a home for pugs while wearing a pug suit.

Now, I do say that this is cute fluffy read there is one sad piece in this story. So, it’s 95.5% light and fluffy romance that ends in a happily ever after.

With Spoilers:

I don’t remember requesting to be a reviewer for this on Hidden Gems. It was discovered that I was when I received an email saying the review was due. I was annoyed by this, however, I went through reading the book. I’m glad I accidentally requested it.

We have Amelia who is struggling to get over her ex-boyfriend. Who for whatever reason decided to start a charity where he donates basketballs to needy kids around the world. And, for some reason this needs him to be in Indonesia begging investors for money. Since he was going to Indonesia for an unknown amount of time he decided they should see other people.

Doug, their pug, isn’t handling being separated from Tim very well. Without his human around he lashes out at men and things around the house. First victim was the maintenance guy for her sister’s apartment who forgives and only kind of forgets. The second victim, an asshole lawyer her sister set her up with. He didn’t forgive or forgot deciding that he would sue and call animal control on her.

Doug is having separation issues so Amelia takes him to a veterinarian in a park who runs things in a van. He’s a traveling vet who loves animals and loves to help their humans.  Through the assistance with Doug and his emotional dependency on Tim they develop feelings toward one another.

 She begins divorcing herself slowly but surely from Tim. She wants to pursue this relationship with Travis so she needs to let go of Tim. In this process Doug is slowly turning his life around, too, finding friends and no longer trying to eat lawyer’s arms off  (or the couch).

This was absolutely fun to read. It balances dealing with horrible and the happy aspects of Amelia’s life through her journey of leaving Tim.

Just the perfect lil’ romance novel if you’re in the mood for small hiccup of problems and a happily ever after.

Tim gets a lot of thought from Amelia through this story. But when he shows up — I jerked my head with a lovely “wtf?” when he started his nonsense…

“Can I at least get a hug? I did travel over twenty-four hours to see you.”  Yuck. 


“I thought you could look for a new apartment while I’m finishing up there, maybe arrange to get my stuff delivered from the storage unit…”

Basically, he sees her as his free personal assistant. He just…walks back into her life and tries to start controlling everything going on with her life. The moment she cut away from him — he was still controlling her through Skype calls on Friday …he decides to show up and get the control back.

Through this she’s seeing Travis as someone who genuinely listens to her and wants to be around her. That is legitimately for me, the bare minimum of a relationship.

She’s not accustomed to someone treating her like an equal/person that this is ELECTRIFYING for her and she’s in love.

I’m happy for her. Everyone should be with a person or people who treat them equally, want to be with them and to listen to them.

Cherry on top of their happily ever after — Dr Travis adopts the cutie pie friend of Doug.

She can’t seem to get over the man until she’s in another relationship with a man. That’s not healthy. She also comes off as a person who disappears into the person they’re dating.

She hates the job she’s in and ditches it to become a vet asst to Travis.

I cannot remember if she was always working at the Law Firm while with Tim and then stuck in it after he left or not.

Which can represent simply be a representation of her shitty relationship with Tim. But it still feels like she’s going to be absorbed into everything Travis is doing. If you ignore this and just focus on she found someone who loves the same thing she does…then it’s all sunshine and rainbows.


Yes. If you’re in need of something quick but cheerful in-between the dreary serious stuff like I do..oh god yes.

This is a series but each book will not follow the same couple. They’re going to be different people which I was slightly disappointed with but glad it’s a series.

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