Caught in Crystal – Lyra #4 – Patricia C. Wrede – Review

Title: Caught in Crystal
Author: Patricia C. Wrede
Publisher: Ace
Release Day: Feb 1, 1987
Rating: 5 out of 5

Summary: This is book 4 in Lyra series. Something is hidden in the Windhome Mountains. Sisterhood of Stars don’t know what is hidden. Kayl of the few who have seen this Twisted Tower and doesn’t want to see it again. She’s retired from the Sisterhood but the Twisted Tower …evil is leaking from it…and they want Kayl back in the Sisterhood life to fix whatever is going on.

About Author: Patricia C. Wrede started writing in 7th grade. After graduation she started working on her first book Shadow Magic. Since then she’s written a lot.

Review: I read this without reading the first three in Lyra.  I read this in 2014. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did due to the pace. It starts of slow and does soon build up as you progress through the story.

Kayl is a single mother who runs an inn. I liked the way the story weaves the children into the story. It’s never ignored that Kayl is a mother as many parent focused stories sometimes do. I liked that the main character was older, with family responsibilities and a mother. You don’t often get that or at least I haven’t found many fantasy stories that focus on a mom with her kids and trying to save the world.

I loved that the kids were part of the story and weren’t rug rats gnawing at the patience of the reader or only sometimes mentioned. I realize this entire paragraph is rambling on the same thing. But seriously, I love when there are parents and the kids aren’t just background decoration in stories.

If you know of anymore stories that are focused on older women or parents.. I need more of that in my life.

I don’t know if the books in this Lyra world are connected and would better explain her love interest and how easily she fell for him. But we’re introduced to Glyndon drunk at her inn. We don’t see this develop to something that mattered. But we’re told in the novel that Kayl avoids her emotions with busywork so that may have been the reason it didn’t seem…accurate or reasonable for her to be attracted to him. Since I didn’t read the other three books I cannot say if this was a build up to their relationship or if it was another case of instant love.

If it is instantly in love for no reason other than the story needed a romance then it’s a great note that this isn’t new…as this book was written in the eighties.

Another thing I enjoyed was the Sisterhood. These establishments in stories aren’t usually done very well. For me, I spend time thinking: Why is this even here? What’s the point? Can’t we move on? But the sisterhood was well-written and felt legitimate to Kayl and the story.

Overall, the romance was the only downside to this story everything else was fun and interesting to read about. I am glad I stuck with it and finished it.

Recommendation: Yes, even though I’m not sure if you need the first books or not. Maybe start with the first one. It starts with Shadow Magic and ends with The Raven Ring. There are five in this group. This is an older series but eBooks are available and can be found on Amazon or wherever you buy your eBooks (I’m sure).

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