Shoebox Funeral Stories from Wolf Creek by Elisabeth Voltz Review

Title: Shoebox Funeral Stories From Wolf Creek
Author: Shoebox Funeral Elisabeth Voltz
Illustrator: Idil Gozde
Publisher: Animal Media Group
Release Day: July 4, 2017
Rating: 3 out of 5

Downloaded from Netgalley free in exchange for an honest review. This has been out since last summer 🙂

Summary:There is no shortage of struggle when you’re growing up on a farm. For Elisabeth Voltz and her large family, farm life meant early mornings, late nights and many hours in between spent tending to and caring for livestock and pets in rural Pennsylvania. The twist? This was no ordinary farm, but a hospice for the sick, dying, and undesirable animals in their local community. Wolf Creek Farm was the last hope for ill animals that had become a burden to their owners. Though, to Elisabeth and her family, it was much more. It was a place of love and compassion, filled with life lessons that shaped them all.

My Review: It says Teen & YA so I was hoping for more life in this memoir. I know we can’t always spice up real life but it didn’t feel as if had much movement. The illustrations and everything about it is adorable but it isn’t meant for me.

Recommend: For someone who absolutely loves all and any story about pets, especially, around in a farm setting.

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