#SchoolLibrarianDay Book Ideas

National Day Calendar

I couldn’t find books that focused on school librarians for this. But librarians or libraries was easier to find something to put in this list. April 4th is a day dedicated to School Librarians. I substituted for a week as a school librarian. They do a lot more than what I remember ours doing. I was able to plan lessons and teach and watch as they found books. It was more than likely a lot more fun for me than them. 

National Calendar website suggest celebrating by giving gifts to your school librarian. This is going to have a five book list due to my hands acting up. But I hope it helps inspire you to find something to read related to this topic. 

This is a bout a librarian who is a spy. She sneaks about collecting fiction from other realities. Things do not go as planned.  Labeled as Young Adult Fantasy/Steampunk. There are five of these.

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

Great Library of Alexandria has survived and is present in every major city in the world. Jess is a spy who is training to work in the Great Library. His family works in the black market in regard to books. A historical dystopian young adult read about an alternative reality where you’re forbidden from owning your own books.

There are currently five books in this series as well.

I would hate to live in this reality. Though I use the library more than I buy books. Just the thought of not being able to buy my favorite stories?!

They’re taken by someone they call Father. He has a library with secrets. And, he’s gone missing. The story follows Carolyn through this point in her life.

People rave about this book but I struggled and couldn’t finish it. But who knows? May be the next read you’re looking for.

The Demon’s Librarian by Lilith Saintcrow. Francesca has a demon problem. Well, technically, the kids it’s preying on have the problem. But she researches & hunts these demons to relieve them of this problem.

This is an adult paranormal romance novel.

The Librarian Larry Beinhart  is a mystery/thriller humorous book about a librarian named David Goldberg. He’s on the 10 Most Wanted List for bestiality & gets caught in a Republican conspiracy.

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