What Do You Review? Will You Review My Book?

The bigger tabs on my blog are: Romance, Science Fiction/ Fantasy, Mystery/Thrillers, Historical, LGBT. On the right side tinier tabs are: Nonfiction, Comics. If you click KidLitReviews  you’ll find that I read and review books meant for Prek up to YA on there, too.

Basically, my goal in life is to read all the books. Or, very least attempt to read everything I possibly can.

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I read at my own speed. So, if you’re wanting free fast reviews may not be the way to go with this. I should do a retweet my pinned post on Twitter for reviews but meh. Either way, my reading depends on how well I am, how busy I am and whatever else goes on in my life. 
Please don’t send me links on Twitter demanding reads or flood me with “read this!!!”. I am only one person. There is only one person running this blog & all the socials I have attached to it.  
I usually ignore links in my Twitter DM because I get a lot of spam.

Most books I review come from the library or ones that I’ve purchased from Amazon/Barnes & Noble or wherever I picked up a book.

The rest come from Netgalley and Hidden Gems. Those that are given to me to read specifically for a review are noted as such. I write it in the review and tag it.

I started writing book reviews when I realized that I was having trouble remembering books. I know it’s normal to forget things after awhile. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and like many who deal with it I also struggle with forgetfulness, concentration and to think clearly.

It’s called Brain Fog. While it’s not considered “a thing” by a lot of people it’s still something that people deal with. I didn’t know what the hell was going on when

I first started experiencing this five years ago when I was twenty-three. It felt strange and struggled with being able to remember things. I am one of those annoying people, “I woke up at 3:01 AM because and fell asleep at 4:37 AM…” and now I struggle to remember to eat.

So, I started blogging as a way to slow down and think back through the book. I use eBooks mostly so I can highlight and write notes about it. I know I can in physical books but most my physical books come from the library and they sure as hell wouldn’t appreciate me note-taking in them.

Mostly eBooks due to more accessible for me. I can download them, read them on my desktop or tablet. On my tablet enlarge the size and change the background color so I can read better. I love the ability to note take/highlight with eBooks.

I read physical “real” books often through the library or when I’m teaching. I’m not for one format over the other as more means ..more people can have access to books.

Occasionally, I listen to audio-books, too, but sometimes I can’t focus well enough with them. But they allow me access to stories when I can’t lift my tablet or sit long at my computer.

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