#WeedAppreciationDay – No not that! Book Ideas

From the national calendar it’s National Weed Appreciation Day.

My favorite weed was and still is the dandelion. I am allergic to them and could only participate with observing those who blew on them for wishes for the most part.

So, my list of books I’ve found are focused on book covers with Dandelion’s on them. I wasn’t aware of just how many books have Dandelion’s on them until today.

Blowing On Dandelions by Miralee Ferrel  A Christian historical romance fiction. About Katherine Galloway in 1880

About a cursed island called Greene Island. Follows a seventeen year old who doesn’t care about whether it is cursed. Dandelion on Fire written by Sherry Torgent is book 1 in a series

The March of the White Guard by Gilbert Parker.  On Goodreads it says this about it, “

A tale of adventure and
daring, loyalty and deceit, bravery and cowardice that captivates the
imagination. It is a narrative that warms the heart and manifests the
belief in goodness of man and the reward that follows it. The depth and
goodness of characters is gratifying and visionary of morals.

Send Me A Sign is a YA romance/realistic fiction by Tiffany Schmidt.  About a girl named Mia who has cancer and is dealing with life around that.

The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith — A YA realistic fiction  about a young lady who struggles with assault.

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