Vanilla Bean Killer – Book 1 – SUmmer Prescott – Review

Book: Vanilla Bean Killer
Author: Summer Prescott
Purchase: Fairly certain since this is a KU book it’s only available through Amazon
Rating: 3/5

Summary color: #181818; font-family: “merriweather” , “georgia” , serif; font-size: 14px;”>Missy and Chas start their new life after selling the Inn, but are plagued by scary situations from the very start. Chas and Spencer’s first official case at the investigation agency hits far too close to home, and Missy begins to wonder if she might have made the biggest mistake of her adult life. County Coroner, Timothy Eckels, is haunted by the ghosts of his past, and his feisty assistant Fiona fears for her life in this first installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series.
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< color: #181818; font-family: “merriweather” , “georgia” , serif; font-size: 14px;”>Review: I’m fairly certain this is a continuation of another series. Characters were established and there was only two new character introductions. But you don’t really need the other books. It just feels like you’re walking into things.

It looks like the characters started in a series Frosted Love Mysteries. Which doesn’t seem like they have eBook version just a really pricey volume. It was written by Carol Durand & Summer Prescott. Prescott continues onward. 
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There wasn’t really a mystery. Just an inconvenience to moving into house that Chas & Missy purchased. There’s not a whole lot happening in this one. This is a very starved book even for a cozy mystery.

font-size: 14px;”>Usually the lack of mystery/build up in the story is balanced by having fun character situations. Which didn’t happen in this one. It’s easy to forgive if you’re entertained. 

font-family: “merriweather” , “georgia” , serif; font-size: 14px;”>I’m going to read the next one in this series. She pulled a beautiful last chapter that I’m praying wasn’t just a lure to get me to download the next book.

; font-family: “merriweather” , “georgia” , serif; font-size: 14px;”>I started this book after finishing up with Heir Ascendant & taking a break from Room 119.  Both serious stories that I needed to rest from.

On an unrelated note: It annoys me that the book covers for this series don’t all match. 


Recommend?:  If you like cozy mysteries that don’t have a lot going in regards to mystery or life happenings of the characters..then yeah.

“>There’s currently 10 books in this series and 15 in the series that I think comes before it. I don’t know how many were in Frost Love Mysteries because all I’m seeing are volumes and I don’t wanna go through that mess. It’s linked above in the review portion if you want to investigate yourself. 

What is your favorite cozy mystery? Let me know so I can check it out. I love mysteries in almost all its forms. 

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