HIDA Scan & Other Spoonie Things

What is a HIDA Scan?

What is a Spoonie?

What’s *wrong* with you?

FAQ (if you’re reading from something other than blogger this goes to my blogger)

I did one of those follow trains on Twitter so I figured I’d link to information. Yesterday I had a 10 AM appointment for the HIDA scan. I set my alarm and get a phone call saying that her 8AM was a no show and if I’d want to come in an hour early. So, did that.

I’ve had another similar test but for my stomach. I’m fairly certain it was the same exact test but they didn’t call it a HIDA scan but was the same thing.. fast after midnight, get injected with a radioactive tracer, camera.

Basically, they inject you with a radioactive tracer then stick you on a flat plastic board then you get placed under a camera thing.

This is the closest I could find to the one I was in yesterday. All the ones I’ve found before this seem newer and you’re not lifted in the air. But you’re on a very thin plastic bed thing and raise up and meet the camera.

From Mayo says the extremes are 30 minutes or 4 hour. Average 1-2 hours. I was really hoping some how some way I’d magically be done within 30 minutes. Mine was two hours.

For most of the first hour she had me put my hands behind my head. Except I have RA and was told not to take any pain medication after midnight. So, this extended time with my arms over my head began to hurt.

My movement and wiggling around to try to get comfortable I believe signaled to come over to change up the position. She brought add-ons, trays for me to lay my arms at my side. Ten times more comfortable than above my head but still hurt.

So, for the rest of the adventure I had my hands crammed to my sides. At the end she helped me out of the thin plastic bed-thing which I was grateful. My arms and legs had fallen asleep/gone numb and the movement of mine was limited. Not many people during test help you when it’s finished.

I step down cautiously and she goes, “everyone thinks that is a step but you can just walk normally across it.” she said that at the beginning, too…but I try over the stupidest things so I make certain I make it over things.

The rest of my day was fine. Today? I woke with bruise-like feeling up and down my arms. My left shoulder is in pain if I extend out my arm above or reach out/forward. My right has pain but less than the left which is a relief.

I had to get the IV in my hand, which is bruised and sore. It’s currently fucking painful typing this but whatever. I’ll know the results of this test on Monday. That’s if my doctor’s office actually calls me. 

My boyfriend wanted me to go ride on his motorcycle today. Hooo-boy no thank you. I don’t think I’d have been able to sit comfortably even for half a mile.

But the pain medication would have prevented her from seeing my gallbladder on the scan. So, I understand the necessity of not using pain meds..I’m still hurting and ughh.

Hope y’alls weekend is going better.

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