The Adventures of Buster Bear – Thornton W. Burgess

The Adventures of Buster Bear – Thornton W. Burgess

Score: 4/5

First Sentence:  Buster Bear, and he didn’t know that he or anyone else was anywhere near.

Accessed through Netgalley for review. 


Modern cover for an older story. This is a reprint of an older series of children stories. The cover of this one gives it a “face lift”. The artwork differs from the cover once you turn the page.

I didn’t know this instantly because I never heard of this book before. But I found it odd that the cover look like something from Little Bill but the inside drawings looked more antique.

The writing differs from today’s children stories and what we use to get in books. Due to the age of this book they are free to access. You can read this online through a Kindle, Nook and whoever else has a copy. You can also access it on Project Gutenberg.

This book was accessed on Netgalley to look through and review. But this one was a limited access with only given us 4 pages to examine this. So, I don’t know if there is anything extra in this one or if it’s just a reprint with a modern cover to draw interest from kids today. I think it’ll work the cover was why I downloaded it in the first place.

But the limited pages may be due to because this is easily accessed everywhere else to read. The Table of Contents is modernized. The copy I have on Kindle and on Project Gutenberg are Roman Numerals. In their version they’re our regular Hindu-Arabic numerals which is easier on our students and makes it feel newer.

Based on what I see in the Table of Contents they have everything the original copy has. With extra feature — At the end of the book you can read about the author!

I am all for bringing older stories into today’s classroom or at your house.


Can’t think of anything negative about this reprint.



For just kid books hop over here.

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