Ocean’s Justice – Demelza Carlton – Review

If I never saw the sea again, it would be too soon.

One of the books listed in the 4 Free Mermaid List.

Score: 4/5

Summary: Maria is found by a ship. She cannot speak English and struggles with living on a ship full of men. She falls in love with one of the humans on it, William. Things go terrible and she’s separated from the ship and once again, is rescued by another ship.

It’s called “Little Mermaid Retold”. She doesn’t speak their language so she relies on facial expressions and body language to figure out what’s going on. As far as I can see there are six books specific to Maria’s story. This author has multiple mermaid focused stories.

Though Maria is under the care of William she stays firm to what she wants/needs. Something happened which caused her to be banished by her family.

My book cover is hands with a naked person inside the hands. So, throughout this I’m picturing a winged Siren thing who destroys ships. She’s a mermaid who sings and can cause mayhem. Either way a fun person to have around on the ocean.

There are sex jokes, remarks and actual sex scene in this story. There are attempts in rape and abuse toward her via some of the god awful men who are this ship.

It is well-written and fun quick read. It had a few funny parts in as well.

If I never saw the sea again, it would be too soon. Which she ends up on a ship at sea for the majority of this book so. 


Last favorite quote: With a heavy heart, I took the garments she offered and clothed myself in another new life.



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