Little Tails on the Farm with Chipper & Squizzo – Frédéric Brrémaud



Score: 4/5

First sentence: Wake up, Chipper! Let’s go to the farm!

This is already out and ready to buy! Published January 16,2018. Downloaded through Netgalley to read for an honest review. 


The main characters are in need of some milk. They decide to go to the farm to ask around to see if anyone has some. They meet and interact with different animals on the farm.

Adorable illustration. Easy to read font.

Easy to follow and help kids learn how to read a graphic novel.

At the end there is information about the animals that they visited through the book. On Netgalley their information says they will also have lesson plans that can go with this. But this can go with any lesson plan that has anything to do with farms.


Nothing that I could see while reading this.


Yes! It’s a great addition for kids who like comics, especially, those new to them.

There’s more!





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