American Women’s Firsts with books 1900s

 This is focused on American Women and from this Wikipedia page & this page. I am finding books that the women have written, written about them or books that mention them. 


1. Margaret Abbott – 1st American woman to win 1st place in an  Olympic event. She never knew that she was the first woman to win first place in golf for the Olympics. Her mother entered the competition as well.

2. Nannie Helen Burroughts. 

3. Maggie L. Walker – First African-American woman to found and become president of a bank.

4. May Sutton –  1st American woman to win Wimbledon. 

5. Dorothy Tyler – 1st known American woman jockey.

6. Anna Jarvis – First Mother’s Day Observed .. driving force for this holiday.

7. U.S. Navy nurses called Sacred Twenty were all women. First women to officially serve the U.S. Navy.

8. Julia Ward Howe – 1st woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

By Unknown –, Public Domain,
By Naval photographer – U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph., Public Domain,
By Photographer unidentified – American Women: Fifteen Hundred Biographies with Over 1,400 Portraits, 1897 (revised edition), Public Domain,

By Unknown –, Public Domain,

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