National Johnny Appleseed Day (6) Book Ideas #JohnnyAppleseedDay

 Today is Nat’l Johnny Appleseed day!

Way to Observe: Enjoy an apple and use #JohnnyAppleseedDay to post on social media. I’m taking “apple” in this day with books that have apples on cover or involves apple somehow.

Stitching Snow – R.C. Lewis

A twist on Snow White, Essie lives fixing seven drones for local mines, there’s a prince and war. I justtttt checked this out. 

It took me seventeen seconds to decide Jarom Thacker’s reputation as the sharpest fighter on Thanda had been exaggerated.

Garden Spells – Sarah Addison Allen

Is about two sisters and their lives coming together. They have an apple tree in the backyard — if anyone eats an apple they’ll see the “biggest” moment in their life. Claire prevents people from getting the apples by burying them.

I absolutely enjoyed this book! 

Small Town Sinners – Melissa Walker

Lacey Anne Byer – trying out for the lead role in Hell House her churches annual haunted house focused on sin. A new guy shows up and…she decides whether to stay her typical self or reinvent herself.

 Still Life with Murder – PB Ryan

Historical Mystery series about governess Nell Sweeney and opium-smoker, Will Hewitt … who is being arrested for murder. 

Forbidden fruit – Erica Spindler follows 3 generations of a family

One Teacher in 10: LGBT Educators Share Their Stories by Kevin Jennings. 

The book is a collection of accounts by openly gay & lesbian teachers who tell about their struggles and victories

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