10 American Women’s Firsts with books! 19th Century pt. 2

I’m using Wikipedia  about historical American women & listing alongside the information a book about the women.
luckily for you I do not make my lists where you have to click to a new
page for every person. They all will be on one post with a book related
to them. I’ll note where I didn’t find a book. They’re still getting
listed though. I will include their Wikipedia page for all women listed.

you know of a book specifically for a woman not listed or one that
talks about these women please let me know! I appreciate the help.

  1.  1865,  Mary Surratt 1st woman hanged by the federal government. She is conspired with John Wilkes Booth in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  2.  1866, Mary Walker 1st woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  3. 1866, Lucy Hobbs Taylor 1st woman to graduate from dental school.
  4. 1869, Arabella Mansfield 1st female lawyer in America
  5. 1870, Louisa Ann Swain 1st woman in US to vote in a general election in Laramie, Wyoming.
  6. 1870, Esther Hobart Morris 1st woman to serve as a Justice of the Peace.
  7. 1870, Ada Kepley 1st woman to graduate from law school in America.
    A Farm Philosopher: A Love Story written by Ada Kepley
  8. 1871, Frances Willard 1st American woman college president.
  9. 1872, Victoria Woodhull 1st woman to run for US president.  There are a lot of books on her.

  10. 1873, Ellen Swallow Richards 1st woman admitted to MIT, 1st accepted in any school of science or tech & 1st to earn a degree in Chemistry.

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