Today is National Day of Unplugging – (10) Book Ideas!


National Day Calendar: Unplug 
 Creator of Unplug day: Here

I am using the above image because as you can see I’m not taking a 24-hour tech break today. I imagine it’ll be hard for those who rely on tech to do their job every day. But for those who can do it I support it completely. Of course, this can be really celebrate any day that you have time to step away from things.

Book Ideas for No Tech day include historical fiction, alternative universes, and futuristic space age / earth after war. Figured go from eras without tech to eras with all sorts of tech to fill in your day. All books can be found at your nearest library, indie bookstore, chain bookstore or online.

 Charlotte Bronte Classic — Jane Eyre

Orphan girl who lives with a terrible family. Things don’t fully go the way she would like them to go. But in the end she finds her happiness.

Or the manga version. Good for those who are stepping away from TV shows for the day.

 All Out: The No-Longer-Secret Stories of Queer Teens Throughout the Ages.

Stories range from 1870 to the 199

From the first story: His mother, back in Alsace, had christened him with a girl’s name, though he had since forgiven her of that.

 Based on events caused by Georgia Tann. She abducted children from their parents through scare tactics and sold the children. This is story about two families dealing with this.

This was Goodreads awarded best historical fiction award for 2017.

 Claire falls back into time and in love with a man from the 1700s.

What if Hitler won World War 2? This is how Philip K Dick imagined the world if he had won. I haven’t read this one but I did try to watch the show about it. But suggesting shows on a no tech book ideas kind of defeats the purpose of this list.

What if Native American’s and their culture didn’t exist in North America? What if magic existed?  This is a trilogy.

 A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan is about Lady Trent detailing her life when she was younger blossoming Dragon Naturalist. There are five books in this series with one short story related to it.

These always seem to start off slow the first couple chapters but are fun to read. You’re learning the history and about the people in this Victorian fantasy world.. where it seems Jewish/Muslim-like religions are more prominent. They are not called this in the book but they feel related. 

maybe you’ve stepped away from the electronics but still have an itching for them? The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers may help with this. Aliens, humans trying to co-exist with different ideas and beliefs.

This book starts off weird and it took me a few tries but once you get passed the first few chapters things blossom into interesting story line.

It’s a soft, light science fiction.

A wonky world of tech-evil corporations and a child trying to survive it all and succeeding better than most.

Follows a nine year old as she’s abducted, threatened with being killed, sexual predator (not graphic, implied), finding the woman she decided was her mother.

Says Faded Skies #1 so there’s going to be more ..just don’t know how many more.

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