People of the Sun – Jason Parent

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First Sentence:
Connor Gaudreau plodded through dense mist. It had formed mere inches over the sandy beach, rose high above him as fluffy as clouds and blotted out the sky.

Score: 3/5

Received a free copy from Hidden Gems. They send out books to people for reviews on Amazon. I am low on funds so I figured it’d be another great way to get new books. So far loving the transaction — read a book and write a review on Amazon. Done.


Aliens! Confused aliens! Power hunger aliens! Adventurer aliens! Aliens on a mission Aliens! Aliens from the fucking sun!”


They solve the whole not speaking the same language through….a dead alien with telepathic powers amplified through the use of Earth’s water. But I can’t decide if that’s actually a bad thing or not because I kind of like this cheat.

Kazi is a fucked up character in this book. Some of his thoughts:

“He swallowed. So beautiful, yet so irritating . He had dreamed of mating with Tryst just as often as he imagined himself strangling her. As he leered at her then, Kazi wanted to do both at the same time, to watch the life fade from her eyes as he spilled his seed inside her. ”


“If only I had her alone and bound i n place like that. I know how to make that smile vanish . Kazi’s mouth twisted with his thoughts. He pictured himself huddling close behind her, wrapping her long hair around his fingers, pulling, tearing, while she struggled helplessly. He imagined his tongue slithering along her shoulder, slowly roaming over her skin and up her neck. He smiled, dreaming about how she’d taste if he sank his teeth into her.”

Just some of his thoughts between pages 24 to 27. He’s very self-involved, thinks he is the smartest, best person for everything. He’s that person and it shows. His co-workers are well aware that he’s not that great of a person so I was happy to see that.

My Thoughts as I am reading this:

“This is interesting I am liking where this is going.”

“This is a fucking weird book.”

“This is so weird. The water from Earth has made one of them come to life and now can speak English and Spanish and know about the world.

Their captain accidentally killed a human by touch alone.”

Downloaded through Hidden Gems to read for an honest review. 

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