10 American Women’s Firsts with books! 19th Century

Welcome back to a list containing historical American women first to do [insert accomplishment].

In celebration of Women’s History Month I’m using Wikipedia  about historical American women & listing alongside the information a book about the women.

And, luckily for you I do not make my lists where you have to click to a new page for every person. They all will be on one post with a book related to them. I’ll note where I didn’t find a book. They’re still getting listed though. I will include their Wikipedia page for all women listed.
If you know of a book specifically for a woman not listed or one that talks about these women please let me know! I appreciate the help. 

1) 1808, Jane Aitkin 1st American woman to print the bible in English.

2) 1812, Lucy Brewer 1st American to join the US Marin Corps.  But her existing is highly suspect.

3) 1828, Sarah Hale 1st woman to edit a major women’s magazine. She wrote the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and campaigned for the American holiday, Thanksgiving and for the Bunker Hill Monument to be completed.

4) 1835, Harriot Kezi Hunt 1st woman to practice medicine.

5) 1846, Sarah Bagley, 1st woman in America to become a telegraph operator & Frances Whitcher 1st significant female comic protagonist in America.

6) 1848, Maria Mitchell 1st woman elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

7) 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell 1st woman to earn medical degree in America.

8) 1850, Harriet Tubman 1st American woman to run an underground railroad helping slaves escape.

9) Antoinette Brown Blackwell 1st woman to be ordained as a minister in America.

10) 1855, Anne McDowell 1st American woman to publish a newspaper that was completely run by women. It was titled “Women’s Advocate”  & Emeline Robert Jones 1st woman to practice dentistry in the US.

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