National Dress Day Book Ideas


Books are a mix of kid and grown up reads.

Probably to the surprise of no one — this day was started by a dress company, ASHLEY lauren. It’s meant to commemorate or celebrate important days in our lives that involved dresses. National Day Calendar suggest sharing a picture on social media about your favorite or memorable dress and tagging it as #NationalDressDay

Dresses were a fight with me as a child. We were made to wear dresses to church every Sunday and Thursday and any other church event we were dragged to. I hated them oh-so much. But now, I wear them regularly without the same hate I used to have for them.

My favorite was a velvet dress that was made for us (I could be totally wrong about this information) as a kid when we lived in Nevada.

10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert. Bailey imagines dresses of the bizarre and no one cares about this. Bailey’s a boy who is in love with dresses.

Jacob’s New Dress. Jacob likes wearing dresses. A classmate doesn’t like that he wears dresses. Jacob wears dresses anyway.

I like the illustrations in this book. This looks like a book a kid could read alone if they are younger. But this is more a read aloud for you and your kid. Or, older kid to read on their own.

It has more words in it than what I was expecting solely based on the art style. Oops.

My Princess Boy features Dyson a boy who loves pink, things that sparkle and sometimes he puts on a dress.

Dresses to Dream About by Christian Siriano. Fashion book that goes through the process and features a lot of photography and things focused on dresses.

The Hundred Dresses. Older children’s book that is about Wanda who wears the same dress every day. She is bullied for this and someone sticks up for her.

White Dresses: A Memoir of Love and Secrets, Mothers and Daughters. Novel about three generations of women and their white dresses.

If the Magic Fits. A fantasy adventure that involves an oddly named girl and her job as an Under-Presser for a Princess. She discovers 100 magical dresses.

The princess saves the prince in a paper bag dress.

Girls in White Dresses. Story is about three women who deal with heartbreak, career changes, family & new love — some of the up and downs in life.

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