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3 Books I’m Currently Reading…

Daddy Darkest


Daddy Darkest started off with this, “I wish my first plane ride had ended in a crash. first line of story”. I downloaded this through Netgalley to read. It’s already out and ready to be read. It came out in June of last year.

Currently, Amazon has the ebook listed as 99 cents.  It moves from the past and present. The past is things about the girls mom and the future are the incidents that are happening to her daughter.

The way it is set up you are aware of when you’re time jumping which is nice.

I’m 30% in this book and so far enjoying every moment of the story. It’s bizarre and interesting enough.

I will say that for sexual assault it is possibly triggering. The mother in the story thinks about the time she was molested by her best friends father. She works in a prison and there are suggestive stuff that occurs by an inmate that doesn’t like her.

The beginning of this book annoyed me with the whole must wait 48 hours to do a report. The daughter, at first doesn’t want to tell her mother that her friend has gone missing,etc. I was frustrated because it’s a myth (apparently not in Michigan but most places) that you have to wait x-amount of time before filing a missing persons. I wanted to throw the book when she was talking about not wanting to tell her mom.

“Here. Take my card. If you haven’t heard from her in forty-eight hours, we can file a missing person’s report. In the meantime, I’ll take a walk up to the bathroom and see what I see okay?”
“Forty-eight hours?” Our flight home left in less.

“I nodded, hoping my face didn’t give it away. No chance in hell I planned on telling my mom about any of this. Not yet anyway. She’d already responded to my I’m-fine-and-will-call-when-I-get-to-the-hotel text with three unanswered calls. I pocketed Officer Guthrey’s card and left the security desk. Still Ginny-less.”

But these things are handled later on. She tells how the police didn’t believe that her friend was missing. She calls and tells her mom that her friend is missing.

“Mom?” Now seemed as bad a time as any to tell her. “I can’t find Ginny.”“You what?”“We got off the plane, and she went to the restroom. It sounds insane, but she never came out. I told the police, and they didn’t—”

My prediction for this: The daughter is Cutthroats daughter & Levi is Dumas son. Don’t tell me if I’m right or wrong though. Since this is book one we get only some of the answers to the questions before spinning onward to something else.

The sequel comes out April 1st of this year. Resisted reading the summary. Oh lord.

Heir Ascendant

This story begins with, “Discarded wrappers littered the slate-grey counter top, rustling as small hands added one more to the pile.”


Heir Ascendant is another book I picked up from Netgalley that is already published. It came out on October 5, 2017. It’s free through Kindle Unlimited and $4.99 to buy out right.

I’m 30% in this as well. It starts off kind of iffy but then things escalate fast and change of scenery and pace.

Maya, a CEOs daughter was abducted by people outside the sanctuary zone or whatever it’s called. They aren’t friendly, they want to use her for money and to get medication. Medication is for people to be cured or help from what they call Fade. There isn’t so far a lengthy discussion on this but if you get it you die.

“Headcrash screamed and put a hand on his sidearm. He stared at Maya and babbled, spittle flying. She gave him an innocent face while gnawing on the candy, figuring he’d finally realized she’d been close enough to grab his gun but hadn’t.”

When things change I feared that we were going to go round and round with the same thing. Characters are paranoid, argue, throw each other. Except things… end up deadly for some of these paranoid folk.

They are all paranoid and getting bested by a 9 year old. Calm down y’all.

Maya’s abductor, Genna, becomes her replacement mother. Her actual mother is not motherly she has more concern for making money and controlling things as boss. A very terrible person who shouldn’t be allowed to have kids but I’m not in charge for that — especially — in a book I didn’t write.

She wiped tears from her cheeks. “Does Genna live here?” He nodded. “Then I am home. …”


How to Save an Undead Life

First sentence: “I jolted awake sitting on the hardwood floor in my bedroom with my back wedged into a corner.”


This is not a Netgalley read. I saw the ads on Facebook and was won over to start reading it. Yes, sometimes ads work on me and I’m totally fine with that.

This is SUPER descriptive with things but it’s fun to read so far. I’m not that far into it but I am loving it.

Can a haunted house pitch a hissy fit? Yes. Yes, it can.

A haunted house in this story and she’s kind of friends with the house? Why yes I am signing up for this.

Spring had arrived a week ago, tossing clouds of yellow pollen like confetti at its own welcome back party, but the night air still held a bite even if the daytime temps caused me to break a sweat.

Example of the super descriptive the story has and it works. It’s free through Kindle Unlimited which is how I am reading it. It’s $3.99 to buy and keep it.

Summary on Amazon: 
The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy, Book 1

Grier Woolworth spends her nights weaving spooky tales of lost souls and tragedies for tourists on the streets of downtown Savannah. Hoop skirt and parasol aside, it’s not a bad gig. The pay is crap, but the tips keep the lights on in her personal haunted mansion and her pantry stocked with ramen.

Life is about as normal as it gets for an ex-necromancer hiding among humans. Until the society that excommunicated Grier offers her a second chance at being more than ordinary. Too bad no one warned her the trouble with being extraordinary is it can get you killed.

Warning: This book contains one ex-con heiress with a pet zombie parakeet who lives next door to her ex-army crush. Brace yourselves, we’re talking more exes than a pirate treasure map here.

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