Today’s Book Ideas: Nat’l I want You To Be Happy Day

Nat’l I want You To Be Happy Day

skimpton007 pixabay
A day focused on wanting to do something for someone to make them happy. So, what are some ways you can help observe this day? What can you do to make someone else happy? A joke? Smile? Gift? Just listening to them?
Here are some books that are centered on happiness. I didn’t realize there was so many nonfiction books that focus on becoming happy. Is happiness a major thing in your life? Do you focus on becoming happy? Are you already happy?
Is the pursuit to happiness for you a spiritual/religious necessity? Or, is it a secular focus? 
Do you care about your happiness or anyone else’s? Today is a day to create happiness for other’s so hopefully if you’re reading this you’re wanting to help in that direction. 
Most books I’ve found are focused on creating happiness for yourself not for others. For me, I enjoy helping others and doing extra things for people. Might be too small for people to see as a way of creating happiness or to make someone happy.
But small helpful things always help me be a little bit more happy every day. So, I try to do the little things as well.

May seem counter to what today is… but figured it’d interest someone. 

Books can be purchased anywhere books are sold (more than likely) or found at a library (use your library!).

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