A Tale of Two Daddies by Vanita Oelschlager

Score: 5/5

First sentence: My friend Lincoln says you have two dads.

Summary from Amazon:

Two Daddies’ is a heartwarming book. It provides a platform for discussing a timely topic: the love and support all children want, and need, from their parents and peers.
This is out and ready to be purchased. You can read this for free through Kindle Unlimited if you’re not wanting to keep it. I’m sure you can check it out at a public library, too!



Easy to read, fun illustrations. It’s basically a friendly q&a between kids. The boy has questions and the girl answers them while depicting each of the questions.

There’s nothing negative between the kids. She takes the questions lightly and he’s just wanting to know how this works. Nothing questionable just an age appropriate elementary age book about a kid curious of different parents.


Nothing that I can think of.


As usual, yes, it’s adorable enough read for a kid to be entertained. Especially, if they have friends with  gay parents. For in the classroom LGBT material for kids in some regions is still “taboo” so that is definitely a teeter-totter in whether appropriate for your classroom.

There is another one called “A Tale of Two Mommies”, too!

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